by Dr. Homer Ritchie

My point remains the same: a man is innocent until proven guilty in an American court of law. Dr. Norris was never proven guilty of anything! He was never proven guilty of first degree murder, second degree murder, or even manslaughter. Now, David Stokes comes along and tries and convicts Dr. Norris 84 years later - and tries and convicts the whole Texas law system as well! I think it takes a pretty big ego for David Stokes to pass judgment on the whole state of Texas, as well as the Texas court system, the judge, and the jury. It doesn't seem right to me that one guy named David Stokes should be able to spit in the eye of the whole state of Texas and get away with it without somebody answering him! That's why I am standing up for Dr. Norris. I think the Texas court system was far better back then than most of the state court systems today! I don't believe that the United States today has a better system of law than Texas did back then.

And remember, I am not going to quit defending Dr. Norris any time soon!